Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Last Karma Crusade

Dear Dr. Hope Crusher,

CC: Medical Disciplinary Board

Your misdiagnosis really messed me up. I want you to read this so you don’t do the same thing to someone else.

I was referred to you because I had pain in both of my arms for no obvious reason. My family doctor thought I had arthritis, but you glanced at my file as you walked down the hall toward the examination room and decided that I had Fibromyalgia.

It had been just three months since the pain began. There was no pain in the lower half of my body at that time. You jabbed your fingers into my muscles hard enough to hurt me everywhere, not only on the tender spots, but you ignored the fact it was you who was hurting me, not my illness.

You handed me a few photocopied notes and diagrams about stretching and guided me out the door.

There was never any follow up. You didn’t recommend more tests – not even a sleep study – or more doctors. You only saw me once. My family doctor had to prescribe me pills and check in with me and help me manage my day-to-day pain and fatigue.

Because you had incorrectly labelled me with Fibromyalgia, other doctors either thought I was a hypochondriac or a lost cause, and I went for years without finding out what was really wrong with me.

After years of no sleep, even while taking the sleeping pills recommended for patients with Fibromyalgia, I got fed up and demanded a sleep study. Luck for me, I had the energy that day to advocate for health.

The sleep study uncovered a major issue with my heart. I know you’re not a cardiologist, but you’re probably smart enough to realise that cardiomyopathy causes fatigue.

Turns out all I needed were beta blockers and ACE inhibitors to make me feel better. I’m not exhausted or achey or stiff anymore, Dr. H.C. I have been living well without medication for a very long time now, Dr. H.C.

If you had taken the time to diagnose me properly, instead of trying to stuff me into a neat box and then throw me out the door, you would have saved me a lot of heartache.

If you practice medicine every day the way you practiced medicine with me that day, you are a disgrace. You should put your medical licence in that box, set it on fire and then go back to school to become a Wall Street broker.

I’d rather you fuck with my money than my life.

With all my heart,



  1. I don't suppose you mailed that letter. Maybe you should.

    Straight From Hel

  2. CC the Ontario College of Physicians & Surgeons