Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grateful for Great Things

Good health is a gift that I am thankful for every day. But after all I’ve been through, I’m still a little paranoid that my illness will come back. I shared that worry with my specialist during my last appointment.

If my life was a low-budget movie, his response would have been, "Janet, you’re healthy now."

In real life he basically said, Jenn, there are no guarantees.

That’s as good as it gets from here on out as far as health goes. And I’m lucky. Why? I’m not dead. I can walk and talk and think and dream. I recognize myself in the mirror. I can love.

There are great things that have come out of my awful journeys.

I know that I’m a fighter. I know that I am a good person. I know that I’m loved unconditionally.

I used to believe that we're only faced with challenges that we have the strength to deal with, as if life experience is paired with each of us by a match-maker like Heidi Fleiss. It was something that I wanted to believe because I wasn’t sure how much I could handle.

Now I know that it comes down to a choice.

There is peace in knowing.


  1. You have a great spirit about and within you. In this time of Christmas spirit, I think that's worth pointing out. You not only have a peaceful spirit, you share it with others.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Thank you Helen, that's a wonderful thing to say.