Thursday, November 5, 2009

Face Time

Face Time is an interactive memoir about my terrifying decent into self-loathing and despair when I was diagnosed with two pretty rotten health issues. Don’t worry, though, it won’t be depressing. And like every good hard-knock life story, there’s a happy ending. Except in my case, there was a happy beginning, and I wouldn’t in any way classify it as a hard-knock life.

All I can promise you is a third-row ticket to the storytelling show about the incredible transformation that took place in my personality, and my mental and emotional states as I became sicker and sicker. Slowly, beat by beat and day by day, I became so unrecognizable to myself that I resigned to being someone else, and I didn’t realise exactly how much I had lost until I woke up one morning in the hospital, practically back to normal.

There’s lots you could be reading right now: fear-inducing reports of a plague, accusations of misappropriating tax-payer money, and charges of murder. This blog is not a news article about how to hang a yellow flag outside your door to signal quarantine. This is a story about losing control of my body and the toll it took. It’s the latest theory in mind-body connection based on my very unscientific research - my life.

But it’s more than that, too, because this is an interactive memoir. It will work if you comment on the posts and ask questions. Tell me what you want to know, and the answers will magically appear in future entries. For example, if you read about one of my many visits to a specialist, and you ask about the wait times in Canada, you may inspire an entry dedicated to my opinion that the benefits of universal health care far outweigh the drawbacks. I might even back it up with facts.

My goal is to create a memoir with your help that is richer and more accessible than the one I could write on my own. Let me know what you think of my first post.


  1. I think that by writing this some people may have a better understanging of life. To slow things down and enjoy life as it was ment to be. Understanding that friends, family etc are way more improtant then getting the laitest consumable product that will pull you away from life itself, because one day the ones you knew may not be there and you will wonder where the time went.I also feel by talking or writing about your problems is a great way to clean out your mind and feel refreshed so you can move on and enjoy your life. My Q to you is why were you so quiet during your time with your complications. Sometimes talking to others about problems and or complications will ease the mind.

  2. Hi ya, thought I'd check out your your suggestion on my blog! Will read on...

  3. Hey Fiona, welcome to my blog. Let me know what you think.

    Hope you've been feeling well these last few days.

  4. Hey Anonymous, I answered your question here: